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#WCW: Meet the Win Woman


There are a handful of women who we totally crush on for various reasons: luscious tresses;  an innate way of telling people to F*@! Off, Beotch! in the most delicate of ways; keeping utter composure while under the most intense of pressures. These are all traits I would like to possess one day :) However, in my and very a many other women’s books, there is only one woman that is Building Badassery®: Yanyn “Yany” San Luis, the WIN Woman. I am blessed to call her  my dear friend and I’m ready to “swan dive” (a term coined by this Bad Ass) into all the ways this recently elected President of NAWBO deserves to be my first ever #WCW blog post.

In her own words, Building Badassery® is built through “courage & resilience, building communities and stepping into the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to become”. Amongst her passions, one that is very near and dear to her is the art of negotiating. (She is the WIN Woman for a reason, people). No topic is taboo and there is absolutely no mincing of words – expressing herself with the most colorful of words. Through tough love and positive encouragement, she throws out ALL the rules and completely dominates this world that has for far too long been written by and navigated by men. No mas! Time to step out in our high heels and step into our Bad Ass space.

Here are a few takeaways from some of her podcasts:

  1. Regarding this pandemic: there is some level of frustration or fear that we start each day with but we must always look at what opportunities lie ahead of us.
  2. Being held “bosstage” and setting boundaries: how to be empathetic and set boundaries so your needs are met. 
  3. Relationships: how to diversify the people around you. “When you surround yourself with people who lift you, inspire you and encourage the goals you have set, you are better.”
  4. Negotiate Like a Badass: tact and politicking is crucial and doing it with integrity.

I encourage you to take the time to learn all about this powerhouse and check her out on her weekly podcasts, Building Badassery®

And, to you, Yany: THANK YOU for being my #1 these past years and THANK YOU for being Fierce, Fine and a true Friend! <3