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Mornings Were Made for Routines

For those non-morning people out there- I can relate! I spent many years convinced that all “A-types” must love mornings and 5:30am wake-ups were a non-negotiable. BS! I was miserable! (See previous  post on rebelling). For the most part I’m more of a 7am kinda gal (unless my dog decides she MUST go for her walk earlier). And my morning routine definitely consists of a carefully selected mug that reflects how I’m feeling on any given morning. These mugs range from motivational quotes to curse words and are the chosen holy grail to hold my cherished cup of Cuban deliciousness.  

Everyone needs a morning routine, but this is ESPECIALLY true for my fellow afternoon thrivers. Here are some of the things that really help me get off to a great start every day:

  1. Earn it. Before that coffee, tea, or breakfast, do something that will jumpstart your day and THEN reward yourself. We are mentally trained to respond well to a reward system for a job well- done, so this strategy is great for anytime you want to fold in a new habit. Make your bed, meditate (also #2), tidy up, etc. No matter how small the task, you’ll have already accomplished  something first thing in the morning and your cup of joe (jose in my case) will taste SO much better.
  2. Meditate. This can take on many forms and can be done many different ways. The key here is to take a few minutes before the hustle and bustle to experience gratitude and visualize/ manifest the things you wish to have in your life. Whether it’s prayer, sitting in stillness with our boy, Deepak, or focusing on these thoughts during your workouts- trust me- this is a game changer.  
  3. Plan. If you don’t know what your priorities are for the day, there’s a really great chance you’ll get almost nothing important done. Make a list of the top 3-5 things you MUST accomplish today- even better if you do it the night before and Sundays for the week. But let’s be real, life happens and priorities shift in an instant. I like to do this daily and I prioritize the things I am most dreading first to get it out of the way- pick the one you least want to do and git’er done.  You’ll be free from it the rest of the day <3

Each one of these three can have it’s own blog post... and most likely will!  Stay tuned for more of what’s worked for us. We can only hope it’s of use to you, or at the very least  an “I totally get you, babe! You’re not alone!”

Hustle & Swag and Namaste to all.