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Master Class: The Remix- Robin Arzón on Mental Strength

If you haven’t checked out the MasterClass app, I highly recommend it!  It’s an online learning platform where you can study almost anything from the very best in their fields-  I mean real deal people like Anna Wintour, Bobbi Brown, Diane Von Furstenberg ( Clearly I love beauty & fashion) and many other top CEO’s,  scientists, writers, historians, musicians, and world class athletes.   It’s a $180 annual subscription- some might be a little hesitant given there’s so much free content available on the interwebs, so if you’re one of those, I’m going to be summarizing my favorites and highlighting the key takeaways- AKA, The Remix.

Robin is force to be reckoned with.  Her energy is contagious, and her love for what she does radiates from within.  This woman all but saved my life during the pandemic with her super high-energy, fun, motivational spinning classes on Peloton.  If there were a “Playbook” for why Hustle & Swag was born, it would be Robin’s MasterClass.  She actually uses the words Hustle and Swag quite a bit- and I’m loving it!

It’s Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself

Robin was an attorney by trade- straight A student growing up, studied law at NYU, and was a practicing lawyer for years before she decided to leave her ‘successful’ career behind.  She signed up to run a marathon after a bad breakup and knew her passion lied in movement.  You’ll often hear her say “movement is medicine”.  So, she quit her job to attend the Olympics in London, to be around athletes and meet people in the world of sports.  She had no idea how her running sneakers were going to pay the bills, but she was determined to make it work. 

Excuses are Bullsh!t- Believe in Yourself and Take Chances

There’s always going to be a reason not to do something- it’s too risky, you don’t have time, what will others think?  What if I’m not good at it?  In her very no-nonsense way, Robin has a way of ‘turning pain into power’ and admittedly loves fear- she eats it for breakfast with her cereal 😊 She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes not long before she was due to run her marathon.  She still made it happen.  One of my favorite pieces of advice she offers is replace your excuses with “it’s not important to me” and see how that sits with you.  So, instead of “I don’t have time to work out, say ‘working out is not important to me’.  She says if it’s truly not important you will feel free. But if it is important, you’ll find a way to make the changes necessary.

Why Not You? Be Courageous

When Robin came across Peloton in a magazine ad, she immediately knew this was the perfect blend of everything she had been looking for- instead of flipping the page and thinking “That would never work out”, she reached out, shared her story, and within 48 hours she had a contract with Peloton.  Today, she is the Vice President of Fitness Programming, and in my opinion the BEST instructor on the app.

 Prioritize Wellness

No surprise here- if you’ve studied successful people, you know that almost all of them have a workout and mindfulness practice.  Robin loves her some vision boards, meditation, journaling, healthy eats, and workouts.   Food is fuel and is directly connected to how the mind and body perform.  Make it work for you in a way that you face the least obstacles possible.  If you’re not a morning person, don’t try to workout at 4am.  Give yourself some grace. 

Hustle and Swagger- in Robin’s Words

Robin describes a hustler’s mindset as embracing failure, being relentless in the pursuit of your purpose and what gives you joy and turning pain into power.  That doesn’t mean you don’t honor your feelings when something awful happens- just don’t live there for too long.  As far as swagger is concerned, Robin just might be the definition.  To her, it means self-worth and feeling pride for all the things you have accomplished and all the hurtles you’ve crossed.  She describes a ‘movie reel’ she creates for herself in her mind of all the moments where she really felt proud of herself- and plays that movie reel regularly.  We tend to be our own worst and harshest critics- owning the moments when we were at our best; overcoming the awful stuff and using it to make yourself even better are what swagger is all about.


I leave you with one of the quotes she shared in the class:  “Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames” 

Cheers!  Jenny