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Dare we talk about the bright side? The positives that will emerge from 2020

There’s a silver lining in the midst of tragedy – there has to be. While the news is filled with the horrors of the global pandemic, the centuries-old atrocities committed against black families, politicians slicing each other left and right…I thought I’d put pen to paper on some of the really great things that will emerge from this shit storm. (No other way to describe what is currently happening to humanity than to describe it with profanity.)

  1. We will look at things differently because we HAVE to. Seeing through new lens creates opportunity: opportunity to kneel down and rise above; opportunity to do your job with a new flair; opportunity for opportunity. If after all this you’re going back to the old you, where you feel the need to hold on to that shiny red stapler because, “That’s how we’ve always done it…” then you’ve totally missed the point and you need to go sit in time out and watch Office Space on replay. Like forever. 
  2. We will deliver in a different way: heavy travel and relocation for work may be a thing of the past. We have been forced to test remote work, while testing our patience, as we check our mental health. Daily. What’s that saying? Necessity is the mother of invention. Go forth, charge up the brain activity and REinvent.
  3. Dispelling the myth of a “work/life balance”- let’s be real… did that really ever exist? I’ve always subscribed to the notion that it’s all just LIFE. And we prioritize what we need to at different times just to keep our sanity in check. The new reality will bring about what should have always been happening: your life and priorities outside of work happening when they happen and trusting that the work will get done. Because it will, you know, get done - everything doesn’t always have to be a fire. (And now I have Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three rapping in my head…)
  4. Time spent with loved ones will be cherished; dare I say more precious than ever. I for one have always celebrated my time with those I hold near and dear; even feel the blessing of meeting an amazing human and sharing those moments together. 

La Vie Est Belle, mes amours. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it now and will take time to rebuild and reconnect but there’s a silver lining in the midst of tragedy. There has to be.

Hustle & Swag and good vibes, always!